A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to Mall World!

Prototype of Adventure/RPG game set in a mall.

Randomized dungeons! Turn based combat! Chill Beats!

Control with mouse and keyboard or xbox controller.

Check our repo!


Roam around the Mall to talk to different people. When you have gathered all of
the information, go to the stairs to be taken to the dungeon.

To talk to people, walk up to them and press `Enter` to enter the conversation.
Click on the option you would like to choose.


The dungeon is a randomly generated map of rooms. You must battle and beat all of
the enemies or find the exit stairs to beat the level. Don't forget to find the
quest items.

In combat you will be able to queue up three actions at a time which are matched 
against the enemy's actions.
*Defend* reduces damage from an attack  
*Attack* damages your opponent  
*Counter* deals damage back to the attacker but if they don't attack you lose your  
next action.

Galen Hutchison, Chris Salinas, Sophie Secrest

Extract the zipped folder to it's own folder, and then play the .exe


MallGame.zip 37 MB

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